• Myths of Motherhood: True or False?
    I’m thinking about having a baby, but I have battled with depression in the past, which means I am doomed to getting PPD. FALSE! Although having a past history of depression or mental illness can increase your risk of developing a perinatal mental illness, it does not necessarily mean you...
  • Smartphone overuse may 'damage' eyes, say opticians
    Opticians say people are so addicted to smartphones they may be increasing their risk of eye damage. They are warning overuse from phones and other devices like computers, tablets, and flat screen TVs can lead to long-term damage. It comes as a survey of 2,000 people suggests under 25s check...
  • New insight into how children learn maths
    Teaching maths using abstract gestures is a good way to help children learn, research suggests. Eight-year-olds gained a deeper understanding of mathematical principles by using their hands as well as their brains, say US psychologists. Children were taught to solve formulae such as: "4 + 2 + 6...
  • Kids need to offset 'screen time' with 'nature time'
    While experts worry about the ills of the internet age and the health problems linked to kids' hours of screen time, Richard Louv says there is an antidote - and it's free. Louv is the author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle, and he coined the term "nature deficit disorder."...
  • Vitamin D is most needful for adult or kids??
    Vitamin D is extremely important from babies to adults to have healthy bones and teeth. Deficiency in Vitamin D has been linked to serious health issues such as allergies, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer,depression, diabetes and heart disease. Where to get Vitamin D? Frequent sun...
  • Pregnancy weight that persists may be harmful to heart
    Women who don't lose all their "baby weight" within the first year after giving birth could be setting themselves up for diabetes,...
  • Badsha - Full Movie
    Dude Perfect Bonus: Thanks for the LIKE & FAV SUBSCRIBE! New REACT episodes every Sunday: Watch All REACT Episodes (Kids, Teens, Elders): Watch our new show MyMusic! Subscribe to Dude...
  • Ghee Rice - Kerala Cuisine
    Neichoru or Ghee Rice is a popular dish of Kerala, especially in Malabar region. Read the recipe at
  • PHP - Introduction
    Watch more at Other Computer Science subjects include Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Wordpress, and XML, with more coming soon. We
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